Retreats and workshops

Looking for something a bit different? Tracey, your host, runs several workshops and retreats for small groups (4- 6)  from The Summit Lodge  so you can get together a group of friends and have your very own retreat.  Alternatively, you can book one-on-one coaching/life designing/hypnotherapy with Tracey - .  You may want help managing stress, setting direction or goals, feeling happier/more motivated/more productive, you may want to get fitter/lose weight - coaching and hypnotherapy can make a huge difference in all these areas!

These retreats are about self discovery and awareness...good food and wine as well as coffee are available! 

Workshops/retreats include:

Designing the Life you Want - a retreat held over 2 days

The Art of Relaxation - a half day of tools, techniques and relaxation sessions to help you manage stress and feel more relaxed

A Fit and Fabulous Me - setting the foundations for successful weight loss, increased fitness and energy

Age With Attitude - life planning for the part of your life that traditionally was labelled 'retirement'